Drive an Automatic

With automatic cars there is no clutch and the only thing you need to do with the gear selector is select (D) which stand for “Drive” before you move away. Once on the move the gears are selected automatically. With not having to selecting gears out of the way, you can focus on planning ahead, steering and anticipating other road user. Learning with automatic cars an average will take less time to that of manual cars; this can contribute to achieving your driving licence much faster to that of a manual car.

Automatic Driving

Are you struggling to learn to drive? Then try an automatic, as with automatic there are fewer headaches for new drivers. There is no clutch pedal; hence there is no need to worry about stalling, crashing your gears, or finding the bite point. All you need is concentrate on the road while the sorts out the gear changes.

There are some disadvantages that you will need to bear in mind when you choose to pass your test in an automatic car such as you will not be able to drive a manual vehicle with your automatic driver’s licence. Also automatic cars are normally cost more in price to purchase and have higher fuel consumptions making it more expensive to run. So the automatic driving lessons are slightly more than that of a manual car.